December Special Class Pass

December Special Class Pass


Suffering Alone?

The Mirror is your Enemy, feeling like a failure for not being able to stay on a diet.  You think about food all the time.  
With the Holidays coming up. Do you have a plan?

You’re beginning to hate thin people

You bail on friends because they don’t get it. You feel like you’re being judged even though you’re dropping pounds. Gaining back lost weight is soul crushing. Another year passing by quickly.  Holiday season fast approaching, office parties, food, family, presents, spending, outfits.  

First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Years.

What will you be doing for yourself.  Will you be expecting to gain weight.  Throw in the towel or sign up today.  Not diet, not have to have a New Years resolution. 

In my program learn to eat what makes your body feel good.  Chose foods that give you energy, clarity and gives you the shape that you desire. Chose foods that give you a good nights sleep waking up refreshed.

Pay-as-you-go in the month of December. Get support to keep you on track! 


I am ready to change my life