How can coaching help me?

 Someone who holds you accountable to the transformation that you want to make in your life. Believing in you and your ability to achieve your vision of success.

Join the 12 Week Transformation now for just $599!

Are you suffering alone? Are you tired of:

  • feeling like a failure for not being able to stay on diet
  • thinking about food all the time
  • bailing on friends because you don't feel comfortable in the clothes you wear
  • feeling judged 

I was there.

I was able to shed these feelings (and much more) by making some conscious decisions to love myself and try harder at being healthy. I made the changed my life by choosing clean food over processed foods, fresh fruits and vegetables over sugary substitutes and by purchasing organic foods when possible. I was able to shed these feelings (and much more) by addressing the underlying issues that were holding me back and creating a clear, powerful vision for what I wanted to experience. 

Now, I want to help you.

I want to help you discover the right way to eat and move for your unique body and lifestyle so you can see results. After my 6 Week Transformation, you will have a better relationship with yourself, others.  You will understand the importance of self-care rituals that support the life you are creating to clear out the clutter, set boundaries and manage your stress. You will have a greater sense of emotional wellbeing, self worth and self love. 

What you'll get:

  • Introductory 45 minute 1:1 session with Pamela
  • Free 30 day streaming fitness video membership from
  • Free Thrive Market Membership with 20% off your first 3 orders
  • Weekly group coaching calls for 6 weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with your current coaching group
  • A safe and loving place for you to express your true wants and desires.
"With  help from Pam I am learning how to live without sugar and learning portion control. Also, pam helped me to I have a plan of action when I go to the grocery store not buying junk food that's loaded with sugar. This is a process of learning how to live without sugar and its not easy but, with Pam's help I know I can do it."
"As soon I began meeting with Pamela, I knew that I would make real changes to my life. I was impressed that she took the time to ask me my goals, and immediately had a plan for me. I've learned how to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Pamela has taught me how to eat, not just what to eat. She also has a lot of suggestions on how to make changes to improve my health.
Best of all, Pamela brings compassion and understanding to her coaching. I love that I can be open and honest with her. Pamela is a blessing to my life."
Pam was very professional, and absolutely understood my stumbling blocks and helped me to overcome them. I'm am very grateful, and I highly recommend Pam to help you reach your goal.

Right now, the 12 Week Transformation is just $599.

That's a savings of 50%!

Payment plans are available.

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