You just want to FEEL BETTER. You feel overwhelmed and depressed about DIETING, and now you are even dealing with weight issues and maybe even diabetes.

You have tried everything and nothing lasts. You feel lost and frustrated, angry with yourself. You have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy life.

Quit wishing you could wake-up in a healthier body. Quit bargaining with God. Quit wishing you could just swap bodies with people and get on the call. What are you waiting for?

On this one call you’ll know exactly what's keeping you stuck. And what to do to get on the other side... You have nothing to lose. And yet, you have everything to lose.  What is it costing you to stay stuck?



We work together


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In this video I talk about my own transformation and what Health Coaching can do for you. I have made changes slowly. I was able to get my health issues under control while moving toward a healthy lifestyle. Building muscle mass, bone density and feeling a lot better along the way.

Pamela Weinman

 I have been working in the health field since 1985. Having worked as a Registered Nurse in the Community and in Hospitals, I have lots of experience with direct care. I feel a calling toward working with individuals helping them reach their goals. My past experience includes, work as a Nurse at Cedars Sinai Health Center as well as in Public Health in Ventura County and Community Health Care in Ventura County within various home health companies. I am now a Certified Health Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation. 


  • I have had a problem taking off weight due to my health issues and poor diet. Pamela Weinman helped me understand about the type of food I should be eating along with exercise. Since I have lung problems which makes it difficult to exercise Pam said to include swimming, along with a plant based diet. Since being on this diet I have more energy then before.
    — Terry Perlman
  • With the help from Pam I am learning how to live without sugar and learning portion control. This is a process of learning how to live without sugar and its not easy but with Pam's help I know I can do it.
    — Brenda Lee Newton
  • As soon I began meeting with Pamela, I knew that I would make real changes to my life. I was impressed that she took the time to ask me my goals, and immediately had a plan for me. I've leaned how to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Now a lot of the time, I only have positive self talk. Pamela is a blessing to my life.
    — Colleen Burke
  • 5 stars- Even Pamela’s posts are helping me a lot! I have recommended her to all of my Mom friends who want to lose weight.
    — Andrea Mondragon




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